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Latitude 6 are appointed agents for the following companies :

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Topsail specialise in Long distance and Blue Water Cruising insurance for craft based and cruising in the UK, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Pacific Regions, South East Asia, Australasia and have even insured vessels undertaking voyages to the Antarctic and North West Passage.

Through Latitude 6 Marine Sales & Services Sdn Bhd all Langkawi Registered Vessels can also be covered.


Sevenstar Yacht Transport was founded in 1985 to serve the North European market. Acquired by Dutch worldwide shipping company the Spliethoff Group in 2000, it expanded to become a worldwide network with offices in the United States, the UK, Australia and Turkey, and agents in Monaco, Germany, Russia and New Zealand.

Today Sevenstar is the world’s leading provider of yacht transportation services on a lift-on, lift-off basis. We arrange the transport of around 2,000 yachts annually and are expanding in the growing economies of Asia, South America and Africa.

As agents, Latitude 6 proudly offer this service in conjunction with Seven Star's exceptional , professional expertise. 

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